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Looking For Something Special & Creative To Do?
Color Me Mine has developed some exciting programs for your school, daycare, singles organization, womens league, youth group, or camp. The following programs are available for large groups as a To-Go program. In other words, you don't have to go anywhere! We'll bring the fun to you. We'll set up, assist with design and painting, and clean up.

School Visits from the past:
Fawzia AL-Sultan Special Needs School visits were conducted in 2005. The classes were great and the kids had fun. They made a tile wall which promotes the childrens beautiful work. We designed a special program for this school, where Color Me Mine visited the school and brought all the required materials and a staff member to conduct the classes.

Schools that came to Color Me Mine :
We had several visits from the Fahaheel English school and the American Creativity School this school year.

They had a great time and the experience was very rewarding. The kids tiles came out very nice!

In 2007, Al-Bayan school also participated in their own tile wall idea for Grade 6 Art Class. Ms. Farhana did a great job with the tiles! Cant wait to see them on the walls!

we give many thanks to all the schools that participate in our program. We want art to be part of our culture and grow with our generations to come.

Holiday Items:
Paint Christmas ornaments,santa mug, snowman mug or christmas plates. We have lots of items to choose from: holiday tableware, Easter baskets, Christmas figures, cups, snowman, snowflakes, etc. We also have flower pots, mosaics, and much, much more!
School Carnivals & other events-
This year we participated in the Animal Friends League event that happened on March 14th. We love and support animals!

We also participated in school carnivals from NES, American Academy for Girls, Fahaheel English School.....TES...We give special prices for carnivals and kids love our home made cookies!

ABEER 2 Special Needs
We had a great group of down syndrome and autistic children from different ages come to the Avenues to paint tiles. They had a wonderful time and so did my staff. They are so talented and gifted. i have posted the pictures on our website. look at the whats new page. Please buy painted ceramics from our location for 1 kd only. All the money goes for charity and special needs organizations as a donation from Color Me Mine. YOU can MAKE a DIFFERENCE!

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